The World of Hydro-dipping Patterns

Known by several names, hydro-dipping is growing quickly in popularity. People also call hydro-dipping water transfer printing, camo dipping, hydrographics, and cubic printing. This technique puts 2D images on 3D objects seamlessly – and creates a protective coating. People are hydro-dipping their guns, motorcycles, boats, and tons of other belongings to make them resistant to the elements and to give them a custom and unique look!

Hydro-dipping can work on several different types of surfaces, including plastic, metal, wood, and glass. The process of water transfer printing is quite simple! A polyvinyl alcoholic film is placed on the surface of water in a large tank. The film is sprayed with an activator solution, and then the item is slowly dipped into the tank. The film wraps around and adheres to the object. Then, the now-dipped object is cleaned, polished, and covered with a durable clear coat.

People are choosing hydro-dipping patterns because of the personalized element it adds to your gun, motorcycle, skateboard, etc. In the world of hydro-dipping patterns, there are thousands and thousands of prints and designs available. If you’re interested in getting an item hydro-dipped, you’re sure to find a pattern or design that’s perfect for your style and personality!

What’s hot in hydro-dipping patterns

When it comes down to the most popular hydro-dipping patterns, it all depends on what’s being dipped!


Military Tiger Stripe Pattern
Military Tiger Stripe

For those looking to get their handguns, shotguns, or rifles covered with hydrographics the most popular film choices are camouflage and patriotic patterns. For those looking to enhance their blending abilities in the tree stand or hiding in the bushes while hunting, camouflage patterns are a great choice. Among the camo films, there are hundreds of different types: digital, winter, pink, forest floor, mountain, etc.

People are also coating their firearms in red, white, and blue! Whether it’s in the fashion of flags or blocks of color, gun owners are covering their handguns with patriotic colors.

Automotive and Motorcycles

Devil's Kanyon Reduced Pattern
Devil’s Kanyon Reduced

A lot of bike owners are garnishing their most prized possessions with detailed designs of skulls, flames, and animal prints. Gas tanks, rear and front fenders, and wind deflectors are some of the most common motorcycle parts that bike owners get dipped. A conglomeration of skulls, sometimes even flaming, is what seems to be the hottest amongst motorcycle hydrographic choices.


Silver Carbon Fiber Fiber Weave Pattern
Silver Carbon Fiber Fiber Weave

In addition to protecting a boat from corrosion and ultra violet rays, hydrographics can seriously enhance the look of a boat! Boat owners seem to be opting for carbon fiber films. This clean, industrial look can take a boat from drab to fab! Some of the most common parts and pieces of boat to get dipped are: engine covers, dashboard consoles, seats, and rails.

Household Items

Fur Leopard Pattern
Fur Leopard

Have you ever heard of someone hydro-dipping their toilet seat? It’s happening! Homeowners are also applying hydrographics to their cups, appliances, guitars, gaming consoles and controllers. These items are where people tend to get quite creative with their choice of hydro-dipping patterns!

People are choosing the colors of their favorite teams, animal prints (cheetah, zebra, leopard), floral prints, and whatever else their heart desires!

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