5 Misconceptions about Water Transfer Printing

Throughout recent years, water transfer printing has grown in popularity. People are using this process to cover their belongings with a personalized, weatherproof coating. However, this method can be confusing to some – which leads to rumors and misconceptions about water transfer printing. Luckily, we’re quite the experts on the subject and are here to clear things up! What is … Read More

Motorcycle Coating: More than just a can of paint

Motorcycle owners from all around are hydro-dipping their bikes, and people are loving it! Also known as water transfer printing or hydrographics, this technique puts 2D patterns on 3D objects. People are opting for hydro-dipping coating for their motorcycle over paint or vinyl wraps – but why? Benefits of hydrographics on motorcycles A lot of bike owners invest in hydro-dipping … Read More

Trending Now: Camo-Dipping Motorcycle Parts

You’ve installed the head-turning exhaust system, changed up the fenders, added different guards and kits – but your brand-new bike is still missing that ONE thing. You’re still searching for the modification that really makes your bike YOURS. Right now, people are customizing and personalizing their bikes by camo-dipping motorcycle parts. What is camo-dipping? If you’re unfamiliar with the term, … Read More