5 Tips for Designing a Personalized Tumbler

When people give gifts, they often love to give something that is personal. What’s more personal than a tumbler designed specifically around your loved one? At Tactical Graphics, we can make your customization dreams come true. Whether you’re designing a personalized tumbler for you or to give as a gift, it can be bit overwhelming to narrow down and decide what you want. When it comes to ordering a personalized tumbler, we have 5 easy tips for you:

Safety Orange and Zombie Green with White, Blue and Orange Stencil
Safety Orange and Zombie Green with White, Blue and Orange Stencil

Designing a Personalized Tumbler

Once you’ve decided on personalized tumbler for yourself or as a gift for another, it’s time to get started:

1. Consider your budget

Determine how much money you want to spend before you begin designing. The price of a personalized tumbler can climb quickly depending upon design elements you choose. A pre-determined budget will help you narrow down and prioritize exactly what you want, without going too crazy.

2. Pick the size

At Tactical Graphics, we offer multiple sizes of tumblers and water bottles. Choose from:

  • 20 oz tumblers
  • 30 oz tumblers
  • 17 0z bottles
  • 25 oz bottles

The size of the tumbler or bottle will determine the price of the work, as well as what can and cannot done. If needed, our staff will work with you to determine what size bottle or tumbler would be best for your design idea.

Military Logos with Matching Camo
Military Logos with Matching Camo

3. Think about your passions

If this personalized tumbler is for you – what are you going to put on it? If you’re stuck on what stencil or graphic to put on your tumbler, start thinking about what makes you smile; what makes you happy; what is a representation of you? These self-reflection questions can help you figure out what would be best fit on your personalized tumbler. For example, someone who loves animals or volunteers at an animal shelter may get a paw print or silhouette image of a dog on their personalized tumbler.

Tiffany Blue and Pink with Tripple Glitter
Tiffany Blue and Pink with Triple Glitter

4. Don’t forget colors

But what about the rest of the cup? Unless you like the silver finish that comes on the tumblers and bottles, you should think about what Cerakote paint color or water transfer printing pattern you want on your cup! Cerakote offers dozens of colors to choose from, and there are hundreds of water transfer printing patterns that can make your cup more personal. Are you wanting your favorite color on the cup? Or what about a pattern like camouflage, zebra print, or wood grain? The possibilities are endless for a personalized tumbler!

4. The sooner you order, the sooner you have it

Tactical Graphics makes all custom orders by hand. Because of the time and creativity put into each order, they may not have as quick as a turnaround time as some customers want. Personalized tumblers make great Christmas gifts – but make sure that you order ahead of time to give our team enough time to put in the effort it takes to make your personalized tumbler perfect!

And voila! After designing and ordering, you’ll have your very own, unique, one-of-a-kind tumbler in just one to two weeks! How exciting!