4 Trends in Marine Graphics that You Don’t Know About

Boat owners opt for marine graphics for customization and personalization! These high-quality stickers advertise the name of your boat or add a stylish stripe. However, that’s about all that these marine graphics do. These stickers and vinyl wraps can make your boat stand out on the water, but people are turning their attention toward another trend.

Now, people are opting for hydrographics. The water transfer printing technique is easy, affordable, and the results are durable. In fact, hydrographics even add an element of protection. They act as barrier between your boat and the elements like salt, sun, and wear.

boat hydrographics

When it comes to hydrographics for the marine industry, it can get a bit tricky. While the polyvinyl alcoholic film will adhere to the surface of a boat – it’s a bit difficult to find a basin of water big enough for dipping a boat! However, hydrographics can be incorporated into different elements of marine items. There are water transfer printing solutions for your boat, jet ski, kayak, etc. Because hydrographics offer a variety of benefits, there are a variety of trends that are up and coming!

People are customizing everything they can in the world of marine hobbies. Some of the most popular items people are applying hydrographics to include:

Dashboard consoles

You may not be able to apply hydro-dipping to an entire boat – but you can do different parts and pieces!  Boat owners are having panels and consoles on their boat coated to protect them from corrosion and ultra violet rays – as well as give it a unique new look!


Over time, those plastic seats on your boat will begin to look yellowed, faded, and cracked. Hydro-dipping can keep your seats in pristine condition and can even add some stylish flair to your boat! Hydrographics could even add some stealth. For example, if you’re using an airboat for hunting, getting your seats covered in camouflage can help you blend in even better!

marine graphics

Sports Equipment

Are you a water sports enthusiast? Athletes have begun to apply hydrographics to equipment like water skis, wakeboards, and even surfboards! These coatings give your equipment a way to stand out in the water. Hydro-dipping can also prevent these skis and boards from showing wear and tear.

Even fishing equipment can benefit from hydrographics. Fisherman are hydro-dipping their rods and reels to stop corrosion and even reinforce the strength of their equipment.

Kayaks and canoes

Kayak and canoe owners are customizing their boats with brightly colored or intricate camouflage hydrographics. While still not small enough to fit entirely in a tank, these paddle-powered boats can be fully-dipped in a multi-step process! And don’t forget about the gear! Paddles and seats can also be hydro-dipped. Water transfer printing can also help prevent kayaks and canoes from being affected by damage from prolonged sun exposure.

Take on the world of water sports and activities with hydrographics. Upgrade from stickers, decals, and vinyl wraps to resistant, durable, and seamless hydrographics.