Should you have your gun painted?

As a gun owner, you take pride in the firearms you have – but don’t they kind of look like everyone else’s? Yes, maybe you have a different trigger or a custom grip – but where’s the customization that shows your personality?! Firearms don’t all have to look alike. Thanks to Cerakote coatings, you can personalize your gun and protect … Read More

The Best Options for Rifle Coating

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Cerakote Firearm Coating Is The Best – And Here’s Why!

If you’re interested in alternative firearm coatings, your searches have probably found several answers, including Duracoat, vinyl wraps, KG Gun Kote, and Cerakote. With these options, it may seem hard to choose – but it’s actually very simple. Cerakote firearm coating is leading in the industry, so why wouldn’t you pick the best? What is a Cerakote? When looking for … Read More

The 4 Most Popular Alternative Firearm Coatings

Firearm fanatics are falling in love with alternative firearm coatings. These protective layers on firearms are extending the lifespan of a gun and giving them a personal, custom look.  As alternative firearm coatings continue grow in popularity, different brands and types have come to the market. While some test better in resistance, others are more affordable. While the demand for … Read More

5 Benefits of Firearm Coating

In the world of firearms, there are always those looking to improve, customize, and protect their guns. Luckily, there is a solution for all three of these needs: firearm coating. Over the years, those who are passionate about their handguns, rifles, and shotguns developed coatings to cover their firearm and ultimately protect it from the elements. You may have heard … Read More