Boat Hydrographics: How They Work

People are going crazy over hydrographics – even boat owners! You’ve probably heard of people using water transfer printing on their firearms, motorcycles, and other belongings – but what about hydrographics for boats? If you’re interested in giving your boat a whole new look and a protective coating, get started with boat hydrographics! How hydrographics work Also known as hydro-dipping … Read More

Cerakote Firearm Coating Is The Best – And Here’s Why!

If you’re interested in alternative firearm coatings, your searches have probably found several answers, including Duracoat, vinyl wraps, KG Gun Kote, and Cerakote. With these options, it may seem hard to choose – but it’s actually very simple. Cerakote firearm coating is leading in the industry, so why wouldn’t you pick the best? What is a Cerakote? When looking for … Read More

Water Transfer Printing: Hydrographics for the Motorcycle Industry

As the popularity of water transfer printing grows, people are beginning to introduce hydrographics into different industries, including the motorcycle industry. Motorcycle manufacturers, retailers, and owners are using water transfer printing to create custom looks and durable coatings. What is water transfer printing? Also called hydro-dipping or hydrographics, this technique uses a 2D polyvinyl alcoholic film and a vat of … Read More

Immersion Printing: What They’re Not Telling You

You keep hearing about this hydro-dipping craze that has firearm fanatics and motor heads going wild. Or maybe you’ve heard it by a different name. The process of water transfer printing is also called camo-dipping, hydrographics, and immersion printing. This technique is taking over in the world of customization and protection. How does it work? Water transfer printing uses a … Read More

The 4 Most Popular Alternative Firearm Coatings

Firearm fanatics are falling in love with alternative firearm coatings. These protective layers on firearms are extending the lifespan of a gun and giving them a personal, custom look.  As alternative firearm coatings continue grow in popularity, different brands and types have come to the market. While some test better in resistance, others are more affordable. While the demand for … Read More

The Truth Behind Hydro Dipping Durability

If you’re debating on getting your firearm, motorcycle parts, or other objects coated by water transfer printing, you may be curious about the overall durability of hydro-dipping. This decorative and protective finish is done using a vinyl film in water, so it’s normal to be a bit skeptical of how well it can actually hold up! However, hydro-dipping durability is … Read More

Trending Now: Camo-Dipping Motorcycle Parts

You’ve installed the head-turning exhaust system, changed up the fenders, added different guards and kits – but your brand-new bike is still missing that ONE thing. You’re still searching for the modification that really makes your bike YOURS. Right now, people are customizing and personalizing their bikes by camo-dipping motorcycle parts. What is camo-dipping? If you’re unfamiliar with the term, … Read More

5 Benefits of Firearm Coating

In the world of firearms, there are always those looking to improve, customize, and protect their guns. Luckily, there is a solution for all three of these needs: firearm coating. Over the years, those who are passionate about their handguns, rifles, and shotguns developed coatings to cover their firearm and ultimately protect it from the elements. You may have heard … Read More