4 Trends in Marine Graphics that You Don’t Know About

Boat owners opt for marine graphics for customization and personalization! These high-quality stickers advertise the name of your boat or add a stylish stripe. However, that’s about all that these marine graphics do. These stickers and vinyl wraps can make your boat stand out on the water, but people are turning their attention toward another trend. Now, people are opting … Read More

The Best Options for Rifle Coating

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The World of Hydro-dipping Patterns

Known by several names, hydro-dipping is growing quickly in popularity. People also call hydro-dipping water transfer printing, camo dipping, hydrographics, and cubic printing. This technique puts 2D images on 3D objects seamlessly – and creates a protective coating. People are hydro-dipping their guns, motorcycles, boats, and tons of other belongings to make them resistant to the elements and to give … Read More

Motorcycle Coating: More than just a can of paint

Motorcycle owners from all around are hydro-dipping their bikes, and people are loving it! Also known as water transfer printing or hydrographics, this technique puts 2D patterns on 3D objects. People are opting for hydro-dipping coating for their motorcycle over paint or vinyl wraps – but why? Benefits of hydrographics on motorcycles A lot of bike owners invest in hydro-dipping … Read More

Boat Hydrographics: How They Work

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Cerakote Firearm Coating Is The Best – And Here’s Why!

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Water Transfer Printing: Hydrographics for the Motorcycle Industry

As the popularity of water transfer printing grows, people are beginning to introduce hydrographics into different industries, including the motorcycle industry. Motorcycle manufacturers, retailers, and owners are using water transfer printing to create custom looks and durable coatings. What is water transfer printing? Also called hydro-dipping or hydrographics, this technique uses a 2D polyvinyl alcoholic film and a vat of … Read More

Immersion Printing: What They’re Not Telling You

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