The Best Options for Rifle Coating

You’ve heard and read people raving about rifle coating and you’re interested in having your own rifle coated. If you’re unfamiliar with types alternative firearm coatings, keep reading to find out your best options for rifle coating!

People are coating their handguns, shotguns, and rifles because of the many benefits. Alternative firearm coatings enhance the look of your gun, as well as make it resistant to elements like corrosion and ultra violet rays.

Before getting started with rifle coating, you first have to decide which method or technique you would like. The two best, and most popular, options are: water transfer printing and ceramic coating.

Water Transfer Printing

Have you seen rifles with intricate camouflage, animal print, or other unique designs? This coating is applied to a rifle through the process of water transfer printing. Water transfer printing is also commonly known as hydro-dipping, hydrographics, and camo-dipping. This technique works on several surface types, including metal, plastic, glass, and wood.

This process is done using a large tank of water, polyvinyl alcoholic film, and an activator solution. The film is placed on the surface of the water and then sprayed with the activator solution. Parts of the rifle are then dipped into the water. The film wraps around and adheres to rifle. From there, the dipped rifle parts are cleaned, polished, and given a clear coat.

Through water transfer printing, you’re able to decorate your firearm with unique designs. Whether you choose digital camo or flaming skulls, your rifle is sure to be one-of-a-kind after you apply hydrographics.

Ceramic Coating

Some rifle owners are opting for ceramic coating! One of the most popular ceramic coatings is Cerakote. Cerakote is the best in the business when it comes to the thin-film ceramic coating industry. This Polymer-Ceramic Composite coating adheres to the surface of the rifle, enhancing its physical performance properties. Cerakote can make your rifle resistant to corrosion, chemicals, scratches, and hard impacts.

Cerakote is put through rigorous tests to prove just how protective this coating is. For example, when put through a salt chamber corrosion test, Cerakote prevented rust for more than 3,500 hours! This tough ceramic coating can stand up to potent chemicals like gun cleaner, gasoline, acetone, brake cleaner, and even paint stripper. Cerakote even surpasses the competition in flexibility and durability. When tested by bending a Cerakote-covered plate in half, the coating did not crack, peel, or show any signs of elongation.

Ceramic coating has aesthetic components, too! The Cerakote brand offers several themes, including patriotic colors and camouflage hues. With dozens of colors to choose from, you can still add a custom element while giving your rifle the ultimate protection.

If you’re mainly looking for a personalized and unique look for your rifle, hydro-dipping is the right rifle coating for you. But if you’re searching for rifle coatings to keep your firearm safe from the elements, then Cerakote ceramic coating is the best option.

Both water transfer printing and ceramic coating are offered at Tactical Graphics. We specialize in hydro-dipping and Cerakote ceramic coating on firearms, as well as automotive and marine items.